Nina Planck with her real food baby, Julian.
The Fertility Diet
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Nina’s latest book is for mothers, fathers, and babies everywhere.

Real Food for Mother and Baby is the complete guide to becoming a mother: in four readable parts, Nina covers fertility, pregnancy, nursing, and first foods. Once again, Nina explains what to eat—and why.

Nina changed the way we view old fashioned foods like butter with her groundbreaking Real Food. Then she got pregnant. Never one to accept conventional wisdom blindly, Nina found the usual advice about pregnancy and baby food riddled with myths and misunderstandings.

Her basic premise hasn’t changed—whole foods are best—but some of the details may surprise you. Pregnant women need meat and salt, not iron supplements. Delaying the introduction of certain solid foods doesn’t prevent allergies. Cereals are not the best foods for tiny eaters; meat and egg yolks are better. From conception to two years, your body’s overwhelming needs are for good fat and protein, not for carrots and skim milk.

Even as she casts a skeptical eye on the conventional wisdom, Nina is always reassuring. Mother, father, and baby can all thrive on good, simple food



Eating for Two [Download here]
Baby’s First Foods [Download here]

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