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Real Foodist & Dairy Farmer
Joann S. Grohman wrote and self-published her landmark Real Food in 1990. While writing my own book (already called Real Food), I was thrilled to discover Joann’s. I was yet more excited to visit her farm in Western Maine and learn at her knee. Now I can call her a friend. She’s also an expert on what little babies need read Born to Love. And she’s a dairy farmer. Cow people love her Heifer Diary. In her third book, Joann tells you all about Keeping a Family Cow. I own them all.

I want raw milk nationwide.
Look no further.

The Father of Traditional Foods: Weston A. Price
It’s the mother of all nutrition sites.

The Nursery Our Children Attend
It's green, serene, and child-centered. The RIE parent-infant classes held there are also superb. Learn why we're addicted to this unique approach.