When you're pregnant

When you're pregnant you need to eat better than ever. All the real foods on my SHOPPING LIST are the foods to eat. I also took prenatal supplements I devised just for me. It was mostly extra fish oil and cod liver oil. As I explain in Real Food for Mother and Baby, I didn't take iron or calcium. Better to get these nutrients from real food. If you think your diet needs a boost, these are the best supplements I've found. If you're ready to get pregnant, these are also fertility nutrients.

Cod Liver Oil and Grass-fed Butter Oil: Vitamins A, D, and K2 One unique product gives you vitamins A, D, and K2 (which are powerful in combination, especially for building the baby's bones and teeth, which form in the fifth month) plus some omega-3 fats, which are vital for the baby's brain and eye. Dr. Ron makes an excellent cod liver oil plus butter blend - the only one on the market, I believe. www.DrRons.com

Omega-3 Fats EPA and DHA are the vital fats for the baby's brain and eye development found only in fish. As I explain in Real Food for Mother and Baby, walnuts and flaxseed are not reliable sources of these essential baby foods. You must eat real fish. Note that cod liver oil is only a modest source of these fats.

If you think you need more than the fats you get from clean, wild fish, take a clean fish oil. I took about 3,000 mg of fish oil daily, in addition to cod liver oil and all the omega-3 fats I got from eating fish, grass-fed beef, and pastured eggs yolks.

Vitamin E It's easy to get vitamin E from olive oil, fresh nuts, and greens. But for more, Dr. Ron makes the best vitamin E complex, far better than the plain old alpha- tocopherol most companies sell. www.DrRons.com

B Vitamins and Iron Brewer's yeast provides a good dose of almost all the B vitamins and some iron, too. Very valuable if you're depressed or a lacto-ovo vegetarian. Make sure you also get some vitamin B12 from any animal products, because there's only a bit of this vital baby food in Brewer's yeast. Lewis Labs makes the best one.

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